was formed in autumn 2007
by Grubotnik and Lord Judas Iscariot,
after a spontaneous recording session.
The music is rooted in the depressive black-metal genre,
although the pace and mood of the songs vary very often and
therefore a unique style is evident.
In the first years the band was only a studioproject.
Lyrics written by Lord Judas Iscariot and music by Grubotnik.
After countless recordings, and many finished songs,
the two decided to shock the masses with live performances!
So they searched musicians for this challenge.
After countless failed attempts to
find a drummer like a machinegun.
Amarok was engaged in summer 2009.
Bassist Andras left the Band in March 2010.
After our gigs at "Metalcamp" and "Darker than Dark"
with Irleskan (Svarta) on the vocals,
and because of time problems of "Lord Judas Iscariot",
Svartsorg decided that our ways aren´t the same.
End of 2011 "Abyssic Noise Terror" joined our horde on the vocals,
and his shrill cries from the stage will bring people trembling of fear.

And thus is the
Final Line-Up:

Vocals - Abyssic Noise Terror
Lead Guitar - Grubotnik
Rhythm Guitar - Adrian Nightwatcher
Keyboard - Maestro Mortis
Drums - Amarok

And thus Svartsorg
was prepared for upcoming gigs

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